Loan Application Processing and Records Management

Auros Financials USA

Loan Application Processing and Records Management

Aurous is the brainchild of domain experts who recognized an operational gap focusing small businesses facing issues balancing financial and operational act in the industry and moved to address it. Their key executive team brings over 115 years of combined expertise in finance, banking, manufacturing, importation, freight, distribution, legal contractual agreements/processing, and customs. This experience, combined with a constant eye towards the evolving industry landscape, enables them to provide powerful and innovative solutions for their clientele. Their mission is to provide their clients with the most fair, efficient, and cost-effective solution to their problems. Their primary focus is on client success- enhancing client growth capabilities by reducing operating capital requirements and meeting cash flow demands.


Key problems

  • To fulfil erected need of maintaining loan applications digitally.
  • Cutting the mailing cost by digitally signed documents and hence making process faster.
  • Track the application to accurate status and maintain history.
  • To spread the reach via global presence.


  • Clients can bring balance between economy and functionality efficiency while sustaining growth with loaned amount.
  • Free from hefty papered traditional loans.
  • All digitally signed documents are maintained in cloud with proper entries in central database with no fear of misplacing it ever.
  • Email service to give update at every step to client.

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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