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Project Management System

Team App, leading information on technology has emerged as one of the leading information technology service providers to the State of Florida. Headquartered in Lakeland, with offices in Tallahassee, Boca Raton and Orlando, our award-winning firm has successfully completed, on-time and within-budget, dozens of projects and employed and managed hundreds of IT professionals.


Key problems

  • Design & Develop the mobile application for Android & iOS platform with all device compatible

  • TEAMS (Time and Enterprise Activity Management System) is the first one of the cloud based products. TEAMS is about managing time and activity for Multiple Clients, Projects, and People. It is a very intuitive role based product for Timesheet and Project Management.



Project List

  • User can easily monitor their time on multiple projects on one screen.
  • View total allocated project hours, submitted hours and remaining hours in a graphical format.
  • View multiple project with the period, status and hours of last entered timesheet.


Timesheet Entry

  •  Enter hours, notes and select activity for various tasks with ease.
  •  Select different time period to enter time hours.
  •  Facility to save the time hours before submission to the approver for the approval.
  •  User can also reopen their submitted timesheet to correct any errors.
  •  Timesheet entry in hours and minute format
  •  Different textbox Color to indicate Holidays, Paid Time off and Weekends


Manage Paid Time Off:

  •  View time off current period allocated hours, available hours and requested hours.
  •  Submit paid time off on one or more days at a time with  start date and end date selection



  •  Approve or reject the submitted timesheet
  •  View the detailed submitted time hours.
  •  Approve or reject multiple timesheet at a time

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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