Restaurant Management System

Marcos Pizza

Restaurant Management System

Marcos- a US-based pizza chain with 500+ stores in 25 states of the United States was looking to streamline their operations. The F&B chain sought to improve productivity, ensure food safety and increase profitability by enhancing employee and customer engagement.


Key problems


  • All Orders should be managed 
  • Order queue should be maintained
  • Inventory should also be manageable
  • Manage and Schedule the resources
  • All types of Cash transaction should be managed
  • System Setup and Setting Should be made available
  •  Reports should be generated 


  • Nichetech developed an advanced restaurant management system to streamline business processes.
  • Using its knowledge and expertise of F&B industry, Nichetech rationalized existing IT infrastructure to improve profitability.
  • By deploying innovative IT solutions, Nichetech helped Marcos in achieving economies of scale.
  • Using high-end software and innovative technologies, Nichetech was able to improve customer engagement metrics, revenues and profitability of multiple outlets.
  • Also, as Nichetech handled all the warranties and renewals by liaising with third parties to provide best value for investment in IT solutions.




  • Online ordering makes Dine-In traffic hustle free
  • Being convenient and accessible for all of your guests
  • Online Ordering Drives More Revenue in the world full of technology
  • You Won’t Sacrifice Customer Interactions
  • Order Accuracy Improves
  • It’s Customizable to Fit Your Needs and The Needs of Your Guests
  • You Won’t Lose Business to the Competition

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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