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Examination Solutions Company

Our client is provides an innovative platform that revolutionizes the management of exam centers and papers for national examinations in India. This educational technology company sought to expand its reach across India and streamline the examination process by engaging freelancers who would be responsible for tasks like auditing exam centers and handling various administrative duties.


Key problems

  • PBT and CBT Examination Complexity: Edutest had to tackle the challenge of managing both Paper-Based Tests (PBT) and Computer-Based Tests (CBT) examinations, each with its unique requirements.
  • Task Assignment to Freelancers: The platform needed to seamlessly assign tasks to freelancers based on their preferences and qualifications. This involved developing an algorithm to match freelancers with tasks that suited their skills and availability.

Solution provide

  • Comprehensive Freelancer Application: The IT company developed a user-friendly mobile application for freelancers. It allowed freelancers to register, specify their skills, and preferences.
  • Admin Dashboard: The admin panel provided a central hub for Edutest administrators to manage all aspects of the platform. It allowed admins to approve or reject freelancer requests, add projects, create tasks, and oversee audit processes. Additionally, it offered advanced filtering options for centers and projects and tracked expenses and audit outcomes.
  • PDF Finalization: To address the complexities of PBT and CBT examinations, the IT company integrated a feature that ensured the finalization of PDF documents for exams, ensuring consistency and quality.

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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