.Net Web Development

Do you need an enterprise-grade application for your business needs? We use .Net technology to offer the best custom solutions to our clients. Our .Net application development services are valuable for businesses of different sizes. Our developers are known for creating user-centric, robust applications that match your requirements.

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.Net Web Development

We use industry-recognized frameworks and platforms for .Net application development. Our professionals are efficient at using SharePoint and other technologies to make a robust application design. Moreover, we have strong knowledge of MVC architectures, BI tools, and WebAPI. Hire our .Net application developers and get our services at the most cost-effective rate.


Why do we choose .NET for application development?

There are several reasons why Microsoft .Net framework is best for building web apps and websites.

  • Superb performance

.NET ensures high speed and reliability. It has the best compilation process with incomparable speed and performance. You will get the most responsive outcome from using .NET. We think that .Net is a highly dynamic and versatile solution. 

  • Platform independent

Our .NET developers can build applications of any type and for any platform. Mobile apps developed with .Net enable our developers to deal with Operating Systems, including Android and Windows. Hire us to create a mobile application for the desired platform.

  • Stable and secure

Our ASP.NET framework has a high level of consistency, and our developers can reuse its codes. The scalable and secure framework provides you with the best application. The highly stable framework ensures a faster loading. 

  • Language Compatibility

.NET is compatible with 44 languages. You will have the opportunity to choose any language for your application. .Net development involves a faster process, and we can build an app with the available resources.  

  • Tools and editors

There are several IDEs, which are highly advantageous for our .NET developers. However, we can use them with only Visual Studio. It provides us with several features. 

How does our .Net application development agency work?

Our developers go through different steps-

  • Gather requirements

The major focus is on documentation for better understanding and clarity. We like to know what you need from our .Net developers. 

  • Design wireframe and mockups

Our designers and developers try to create a highly interactive UI for a consistent flow.

  • Create a demo of the prototype

After receiving approval of the application design, we present you with the prototype of the product. You will understand the look and feel of the platform. 

  • Confirm payment

We will give you the estimate of the .Net development project. Our team starts working after receiving the payment. 

  • Develop the application

Using the best tools and technologies, our .Net developers create your application. We deliver the desired result before the deadline. 

  • Deploy the .Net application

We deploy your application successfully after testing it thoroughly.


Stay Ahead with the New Features in .NET 7


1.  .NET 7 Release

The release of .NET 7 brings numerous improvements and new features, including enhanced performance, better support for cloud-native development, and improved tools for modern application development. This update focuses on making .NET applications faster, more scalable, and easier to maintain.


2.  Blazor Enhancements

Blazor, the framework for building interactive web UIs with C#, has received significant updates. These include improved performance, enhanced component models, better debugging tools, and new features for building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and mobile apps.


3.  MAUI (Multi-platform App UI)

.NET MAUI is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms and allows developers to create native mobile and desktop apps with a single codebase. Recent updates include better support for platform-specific features, improved performance, and enhanced tooling for a seamless development experience.


4.  ASP.NET Core Improvements

ASP.NET Core, the open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern web applications, continues to receive updates. Recent improvements focus on performance optimizations, enhanced security features, and better integration with front-end frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js.


5.  gRPC Support

gRPC, a high-performance, open-source RPC framework, is now better integrated with .NET. This allows developers to build efficient, scalable microservices with gRPC, leveraging its advantages in terms of performance and interoperability.


6.  Minimal APIs

The introduction of minimal APIs in .NET 6 simplifies the development of small, fast web APIs. This lightweight approach reduces the boilerplate code required for setting up APIs, making it easier for developers to get started and maintain their projects.

7.  Enhanced DevOps and CI/CD Integration

.NET development workflows are increasingly integrating with DevOps practices and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Tools like Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, and Jenkins provide better support for .NET projects, enabling automated testing, deployment, and monitoring.


8.  Improved Entity Framework Core

Entity Framework Core, the modern object-database mapper for .NET, continues to evolve with features like compiled models, better performance, and enhanced support for database providers. These updates make data access faster and more efficient.


9.  Security Enhancements

Security is a top priority for .NET developers. Recent updates include improved authentication and authorization mechanisms, enhanced support for HTTPS, and better tools for identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities in .NET applications.


10.  Cloud-Native Development

.NET's integration with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure is stronger than ever. Recent updates focus on enhancing support for cloud-native development, including better containerization support with Docker, Kubernetes integration, and seamless deployment to Azure services.


At Nichetech, we possess a team of highly skilled .NET developers with extensive experience in leveraging the latest advancements in the framework. We work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and craft high-performance, secure, and scalable .NET web solutions that meet your unique goals.  


What services do our .Net developers provide?


  • Custom .Net application development

Our .Net technology lets us develop highly secure, scalable, and top-rated web apps and websites. We focus on your unique business needs to design the platform. Our unrivaled .Net web development services can go beyond your anticipations. 


  • Enterprise .Net development 

We are efficient in building enterprise-grade .Net mobile and web apps. Our enterprise-oriented, fast-performing applications will provide you with unbeatable results. 


  • Third-party .Net customization

Although we are specialized in ASP .NET application development, we offer third-party.NET customization services. Our team cares for better functionality, more refined UI, and reliable API. Our bespoke solutions are available at a reasonable rate.


  • .NET integration services

Integration is one of the aspects of our .Net application development services. You will find the right product that matches your business environment. Our qualified and skillful ASP.NET developers know how to manage the integration process for your application ecosystem. You will benefit from our seamless integration.


  • .NET mobile app development

 Our dedicated ASP.NET developers create high-performance and feature-rich desktop and mobile apps. Our developers have strong knowledge in developing software applications, including ERP and CRM. Hire us to get tailored solutions from our developers. 


  • Upgrades and migration

As a reliable .Net development company, we assist you in migrating your application and website to the .Net platform. Moreover, we can upgrade old websites and applications to a newer .NET version. Our developers provide you with high-class solutions. 


  • ASP.NET and Enterprise.NET services

Our reliable company helps you with both ASP.NET and Enterprise .NET solutions.


  • ASP.NET applications

Our software engineers build a fast, functional, and optimized web portal and application. Our ASP.NET developers can design

  • CMS

  • Enterprise portals

  • Content distribution systems

  • Online stores and marketplaces

  •  Web services

  • Enterprise .NET solutions

We create a highly reliable and scalable enterprise-level application that ensures stability. Moreover, we solve modern business IT challenges. Our developers will design

  • ERP system

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Enterprise intranet and extranet

  • Corporate web portals

  • Document management


Why choose us for .NET development projects?

  • A comprehensive application development service

We offer everything related to .NET development projects. You can hire us to build applications of any design. From requirement analysis to UI development and application updates, everything is managed by our team. 


  • Higher quality services for a reasonable price

You do not need to set a costly budget to buy our .NET applications. We charge a reasonable rate for providing .Net solutions.


  • Agile development methodologies

Our Agile methodology makes the application development process easier. We have project managers to help us in achieving the goal.


  • Highly qualified developers

Our team is equipped with certified and professional software engineers who build compelling applications and maintain codes.


Have you now decided on hiring the .Net developers? We provide you with custom solutions for your business. Our team is skilled at creating both websites and web applications. However, our first step is to consult you and learn your needs. We also blend other technologies and tools to create the application.


You can also hire us to maintain your .Net application maintenance. Our team will check the performance of your website and application to prevent the loss of deals. Your target users can make the best use of your platform, and you will start earning money.



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