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Securities and Investments Industry | AUM

The securities and investments industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by a combination of factors such as increasing global economic growth, rising stock markets, and technological advancements. One indication of this growth is the increase in the industry's total assets under management (AUM). AUM refers to the total market value of assets that a financial institution manages on behalf of its clients, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Global View

In the United States, for example, the AUM of the securities and investments industry has grown from around $16 trillion in 2010 to over $28 trillion in 2020, according to data from the Investment Company Institute. This represents an increase of over 75% during this period.

Another indication of growth in the securities and investments sector is the increase in the number of companies and employees in the industry. The number of companies in the securities and investment industry has been steadily increasing from around 4,000 in 2010 to around 4,500 in 2020. The number of people employed in the US securities and investment industry has grown from around 700,000 in 2010 to around 800,000 in 2020.

While in India, the growth of the securities and investment sector fueled due to the increase in the total market capitalization of the Indian stock market. The market capitalization of the Indian stock market has grown from around $1 trillion in 2010 to over $2 trillion in 2020, according to data from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This represents an increase of over 100% during this period.

The growth in the securities and investments sector has also led to an increase in the total revenue generated by the industry. In the US, for example, the total revenue of the securities and investments industry has grown from around $150 billion in 2010 to over $190 billion in 2020, according to data from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).


The growth of digital technology has played a significant role in the growth of the securities and investments sector in India. More and more individuals are using online platforms to invest their money and access financial markets, making it easier for them to participate in the securities and investments industry.

It's important to note that market conditions, government policies, and global events can influence growth in the securities and investments sector. Hence the growth rate can change depending on the scenario.


Transforming Securities and Investment with Innovative App Development

Stay ahead in the competitive world of securities and investment with the latest advancements in mobile app development. At Nichetech, we specialize in creating secure, user-friendly, and feature-rich investment apps that cater to the dynamic needs of investors and financial institutions.

Evolving Regulatory Landscape and Focus on User Protection:

  • Compliance with Cybersecurity Regulations: Investment app developers need to prioritize compliance with evolving cybersecurity regulations to safeguard user data and financial assets. This includes robust security measures, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

  • Focus on Investor Education and Suitability Assessments: Apps are incorporating educational resources and tools to help users make informed investment decisions. Additionally, suitability assessments ensure investment options align with user risk tolerance and financial goals.

  • Emphasis on Transparency and Disclosure: Investment apps are prioritizing transparency in fees, commissions, and potential risks associated with different investment products. Clear and concise disclosure allows users to make well-informed investment choices.

Integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):

  • AI-powered Portfolio Management and Robo-advisors: Investment apps are increasingly integrating robo-advisors that use AI algorithms to automatically build, manage, and rebalance investment portfolios based on user preferences and market conditions.

  • Fraud Detection and Risk Management with AI: AI-powered systems are constantly evolving to identify and flag suspicious activity, fraudulent transactions, or potential investment risks, protecting users from financial scams.

  • Personalized Investment Insights and Recommendations: AI can analyze user data and market trends to provide personalized investment insights, stock recommendations, and portfolio optimization suggestions based on individual financial goals.

Focus on Fractional Shares and Alternative Investments:

  • Democratization of Investing with Fractional Shares: Investment apps are making investing more accessible by allowing users to purchase fractional shares of high-priced stocks, enabling participation in the market with smaller investment amounts.

  • Alternative Investment Options: Some apps are expanding investment options beyond traditional stocks and bonds, offering access to commodities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), or cryptocurrency (subject to regulations). This caters to users seeking to diversify their investment portfolios.

Social and Community Features for Investor Interaction:

  • Educational Content and Investment Forums: Apps are integrating educational content, glossaries of financial terms, and investment forums where users can connect with other investors, share experiences, and learn from each other (while adhering to regulations regarding financial advice).

  • Themed Investment Clubs and Collaborative Strategies: Some apps might explore features that allow users to form investment clubs with shared interests, discuss investment strategies, and potentially pool resources for collaborative investments.

Advanced Features for Experienced Investors:

  • Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis Tools: Investment apps are catering to experienced investors by offering sophisticated charting tools, real-time market data feeds, and technical analysis indicators to assist with in-depth market research and informed investment decisions.

  • Paper Trading and Portfolio Simulation: Some apps might offer paper trading functionalities, allowing users to simulate investment strategies with virtual currency before committing real funds, helping them test their approach and build confidence.

  • Integration with External Trading Platforms: Advanced apps might integrate with professional trading platforms, providing experienced investors with access to a wider range of investment options and order types.

Why Choose Nichetech?

At Nichetech, we combine cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to deliver securities and investment app solutions that empower investors and financial institutions. Our tailored approach ensures that each app meets the highest standards of security, usability, and functionality.

Leverage the latest in mobile technology with Nichetech's innovative securities and investment app development services.Contact us now to explore how our solutions can enhance your investment offerings and delight your users.

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