Smart Waste Management

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Smart Waste Management

A fast-growing smart solutions company was looking for a solution to automate waste management system in smart cities and replace the cumbersome manual method of monitoring waste bins. Driven towards experimenting with the technology, the company approached Nichetech to develop next generation waste management solution powered by an innovative technology.



Key problems

Developing a reliable automated system for waste management and monitoring in smart cities was not an easy task. It required amalgamation of several innovative technologies to fulfill the basic objective of automating waste monitoring system. The main challenges included:

  • Development of an automated solid waste monitoring system for management of waste collection process using IOT
  • Collaborating various technologies for a mobile app to access data from different waste bins around the city
  • Development of circuits to transmit waste bin status to the central monitoring and controlling system


Nichetech used IOT (Internet of Things) for building a mesh of wired and wireless networks around the city that would notify the authorities about current status of waste bins. Nichetech proposed utilizing modern devices equipped with advanced sensors and communication modules and creating a WiFi & LTE network that would connect IoT devices to a central system.

The system can be accessed using a smart waste management app by authorities or waste truck drivers. The IOT-backed Smart Waste Management app can display status waste bins across the city in real time. Sensors inside the bin transmit data in real time about the level of waste inside the bin, temperature, location, etc.


  • Real time data waste bin fill level, temperature, location, etc.
  • Current location of bin on map
  • Push Notifications for real-time updates about bin data
  • Sensor detail
  • Vehicle tracking and route planning
  • User management

Using a smart IOT solution such as Smart Waste Management, authorities in smart cities, as well as private institutions, can handle waste management issues efficiently without wasting valuable time, money and energy in manual monitoring of waste management bins in a particular geographical territory.

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