Website Design for Village Community and Events

Bahadarpur Village Community USA

Website Design for Village Community and Events

Bahadarpur is located around 50 Km. from Baroda between Dabhoi and Bodeli. It is very famous for couple of things. Bahadarpur is on bank of one of the widest river called “orsang”. Other side of river is Sankehada, which is very famous for “sonari furniture”. Bahadarpur is also famous for people who has travelled around the world and get settled in different parts of the world and became successful businessman. Bahadarpur is lovely village and the people who are settled throughout the world can not forget their native and hence created a “virtual world of Bahadarpur”.


Key problems

  • Design & Develop the portal which will be universally cross-browser compatible and responsive to all platforms.
  • Providing awareness about Bahadarpur.
  • Provide information to people about events, news, family tree, directory photo gallery etc.
  • People can visit the website & get all the information about Bahadarpur.
  • People can search member and get all the details about that member.


  • Created a “virtual world of Bahadarpur"
  • Connect with People.
  • Provide awareness about Bahadarpur
  • Provide all the details and people can Get In Touch and connect easily with Bahadarpur.
  • Easily find sitemap.
  • People can view latest news,family tree,events,search member

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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