Amusement Park Point of Sale System

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Amusement Park Point of Sale System

Kyra Solutions sought an integrated amusement management system that would automate ticketing operations, issue annual passes, and give information about rides inside an amusement park. The company took help of Nichetech to identify the best course of action for developing an integrated system for seamlessly operating an amusement park.


Key problems

  • Creating an integrated portal that promises hassle-free operations at an amusement park was a challenge in itself.
  • Multiple rides inside an amusement park along with ancillary ticketing services such as park ticket issue, annual pass, ticket for vehicle entry made integration a challenging ordeal.
  • Apart from operations management, the portal has to provide insightful operational and business analytics to reduce cost of operations and improve customer satisfaction.


Nichetech developed a POS solution that would take care of daily recreation program administration and registration, web based online registration, facility and field reservations, and payment processing and reporting. The integrated POS solution can be accessible by amusement park admin, ride operators as well as visitors. The POS solution also enables management to access the following features:

  • Customer Account Database
  • EOD Cashier Reports
  • Security System
  • Email Receipts to all Customers
  • Sophisticated Pricing Options
  • Real-Time Central database syncing
  • Ticket sale analysis
  • Integrated Hardware- Credit card machines & bar code readers/scanners
  • Sales Integration with Central ERP

While admin can run various business reports, book activity tickets, entry and parking tickets, update activities list and communicate with others from park administration, operators can collect payments, book tickets and view dashboard to check daily sales. The POS solution brings extreme convenience to amusement park visitors by giving them the option to view park activities, buy entry, activity and parking tickets and pay directly via his/her credit/debit card.


  • Quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • Employee flexibility
  • Generating reports
  • Coordination with other hardware
  • Customer Purchase and Return History
  • Eliminates human errors and save money in the long term

Development Process We Follow

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.

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